KOMUNIKA Latam: first consulting firm certified as a B Corp in Panama

  • B Corp is a global movement that promotes triple impact economy and grants the B Corp Certification.
  • There are currently more than 4,000 Certified B Corporations around the world, in 77 countries, 153 industries and more than 800 of them are in Latin America.
  • Komunika Latam is the fourth B Corp in Panama and the first management consulting firm to become a Certified B Corporation in the country, joining this global movement.

Always committed to continuously improving its social, environmental, and economic impact, KOMUNIKA LATAM, through its practices, policies, and business model, receives a B Corporation Certification, becoming the first consulting firm to obtain this seal in Panama. The firm joins, therefore, the other three Certified B Corps in Panama: Conservatorio, Futuro Forestal and SICSA.

With this certification, KOMUNIKA Latam joins the global movement of companies working towards a common goal: to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet, and change the meaning of success so that environmental and social aspects are also considered.

Being certified as a B Corp involves an arduous audit process carried out by B Lab, an international organization that has independent verifiers. This starts with a free impact evaluation available to all companies that wish to measure their impact and carries out a rigorous analysis of the way in which the company approaches 5 relevant areas: Governance, Workers, Clients, Community and Environment. Maintaining the certification implies a verification process every three years that demonstrates the commitment and progress with the triple impact.

“This certification commits us and fills us with pride, because at Komunika we decide to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy, and our business model is based on that goal. We know that employees, consumers, and investors prefer sustainable companies” explained Paulina Rodríguez, partner at KOMUNIKA Latam and Chair of the Central American Board of B Corp.

Juan Carlos Roldán, partner at KOMUNIKA Latam stated, “A decade ago, a few [businesses] understood and used ESG ratings as business pillars. Today, more and more companies know that incorporating these criteria allows them to anticipate risks and improve business results.”

Doing things well generates economic benefits, as shown by a study carried out by B Lab Spain in 2021, where they measured that B Corps improve their annual financial results by 30% above the average.

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