Who We Are


KOMUNIKA is their people.

We have a team of dynamic professionals with multisectoral and multicultural experience, with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of strategy, communication, and training.

We are efficient and agile, pragmatic and flexible, with multisectoral and multicultural experience, we feel comfortable and adapt to the different markets of Latin America.

We devise and execute efficient and effective solutions. We make the complex possible and the complicated simple!

We guarantee a strategic approach, quality service and high execution capacity through proven methodologies that allow us to add value in each project.

We are an independent management consulting firm with international support, that offers a wide range of services in the areas of strategy, training and communication for reputation management.

We have a purpose that unites us: support our clients enthusiastically to be successful and sustainable. We focus on achieving your goals, and as we enjoy what we do, we promote complementarity and inject positive energy between teams.

We design, execute and measure communication and relationship strategies. We adapt to your reality and needs because each company and each situation requires a solution tailored to your needs.

We have extensive experience in Latin America and the Caribbean, and we have a solid network of allies with whom we operate in various international markets.

We are affiliated to Kreab Worldwide, a firm with presence on 4 continents, in 25 countries, which has an expert team of more than 400 consultants and a portfolio of more than 500 clients from various sectors. 

To learn more about KREAB Worldwide click here

Our management team

Juan Carlos Roldán Torriente


Paulina Rodríguez Werner


Javier Velázquez

Associate Director

Account Managers

Patricia Miralles

Senior Manager

Ana Carrasquero

Account Manager

Lidia Pinto

Account Manager

Guillermo Tejada

Digital Manager

Gina Rodríguez

Sustainability Manager


Natasha Risseeuw


Kenia González


Anabella Montenegro

Jr. Account Executive

Ana Vásquez


Angie Moreno


María Alicia Soto

Digital Account Executive

Flor Picota


Keruby Ávila

Account Executive

Nazaret Lucero

Digital Account Executive

Bárbara Elorza


Daniela Calivá

Jr. Account Executive

César Menoni

Digital Advisor

Our Administrative Team

Mabell Agüero

Administrative Assistant

Our Creativity & Design Team

Daniel Berríos

Design Leader

Crissanna Wissmann


Marco Lazo


Hanna Paz