PR, Digital & Marketing Comms

Public Relations has always been about positioning brands, companies, or individuals, but the way consumers, journalists, shareholders, suppliers, unions, and other audiences consume and publish content has drastically changed. It’s a reality that the offline world coexists, lives, and constantly interacts with the online world and technology, so nowadays it’s a serious mistake and even negligent not to think about interacting with our communities in the digital environment, because they are there all the time.

At KOMUNIKA Latam, we have internalized this natural evolution of PR, so our communication strategies integrate tools, channels, and formats that enhance the reach of the messages we want to position, integrating technology as a tool for identifying audiences and conversations that are already happening, especially in the digital universe.

In addition, as a fundamental part of this evolution of PR, nowadays consumers demand to communicate and receive messages from real people with experience on the topic they are discussing. For this reason, a fundamental part of our communication strategies is based on the integration (with previous training and preparation) of brand and company spokespeople to achieve greater engagement with their target audiences.

At KOMUNIKA Latam, we understand the importance of connecting with your audiences and their emotions, and providing value in these digital spaces where they are already generating conversation, and where your brand, company, or leaders are probably not participating and missing out. Through our PR, Marketing, and Digital services, we help you CONNECT with the structure of a 3.0 communication strategy.

PR, Digital & Marketing Comms Services

  • Optimization of digital ecosystem
  • Creativity and conceptualization of campaigns
  • Thought Leadership
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Online monitoring
  • Online campaign design
  • Relationship building with key audiences
  • Conceptualization and organization of events/meetings with press and influencers
  • Preparation of spokespeople for effective message placement.

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