Internal Communications

In KOMUNIKA we design and implement internal communication strategies for our clients where the employee is the protagonist, promoting participatory channels that empower leadership and positively impact the work environment. We support the development of stories in a simple way and adapted to different channels, promoting commitment, inclusion, and pride in belonging.

Products and Services:

  • Diagnosis of internal media.
  • Internal communication strategic planning.
  • Design and development of the internal communication channels system (physical and digital).
  • Conceptualization of activities, campaigns, and development of creative pieces.
  • Great Place to Work associated methodologies.
  • Narrative development and design of pieces for internal communication.
  • Accompaniment in the creation of an internal communications governance structure (communications committee)
  • Metrics for the evaluation of management and internal communication channels.
  • Strengthening communication skills in leaders of different areas and levels of the organization.

Are you a company and do you need a internal communication service?