Risk and Crisis Management

According to the Crisis Management Institute USA, 80% of crises are predictable. Therefore, preparing to address contingencies or crises becomes a managerial duty. The ability to anticipate is essential to ensure business reputation and operational continuity in the face of risk or crisis situations. Is your company truly prepared to face the growing number of internal or external threats that may affect your operations?

At KOMUNIKA LATAM, we offer risk management and crisis management services to help companies prepare for unforeseen situations and make informed decisions in critical moments, improving their response capacity in a crisis.

We support corporate risk management with a systematic and continuous approach that considers key risks and opportunities that can positively or negatively affect the achievement of business, strategic, and operational objectives. We work together to understand the specific risks of your sector and develop customized solutions that allow you to minimize exposure to risks and maximize growth opportunities.

At KOMUNIKA, we use our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process based on best practices and international standards, such as the ISO 31000:2009 risk management guidelines, the ISO 31010:2009 risk assessment techniques, and the Fuld-Gilad-Herring Competitive Intelligence Academy guidelines. We also have our own development platform called DANA, a business management model that allows us to develop and manage the risk and opportunity agenda to mitigate or capitalize on them through effective stakeholder engagement. DANA is backed by two versatile management tools: a mobile application and a Microsoft Power Platform dashboard.

We focus on helping companies respond effectively to crisis situations, minimizing their impact on all key stakeholders and restoring normalcy as soon as possible. We work with our clients to develop clear and effective action plans that allow them to handle crisis situations quickly and efficiently, ensuring the necessary capabilities within their teams and developing the necessary interdepartmental processes and protocols to face these situations. Following the best practices of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and complying with the business continuity management systems established in ISO 22300:2018.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in managing contingency and crisis situations in different sectors. They are also certified as crisis experts in various industries with high international standards.

Products and Services:

  • Development of risk and opportunity agendas
  • Early warning systems
  • Identification of critical processes
  • Design of risk mitigation plans
  • Development of action protocols
  • Development of crisis management and risk management manuals
  • Structuring and training for crisis response teams, enterprise risk management teams, and operational continuity teams, etc.
  • Management of contingency situations, crises, or events with operational disruption
  • Low or high-intensity simulations
  • Issues management
  • Risk perspective project management
  • Risk-based stakeholder engagement
  • Strategies for adverse business development environments
  • Specialized products for social risks and labor risks
  • Remote risk agenda management (outsourcing)
  • Performance audit of risk and crisis management systems
  • Automation of tracking (APP and web-based follow-up system)
  • Specialized products for operational continuity (Business Impact Analysis)

Are you a company and do you need a crisis and risk management service?