ESG Impact, Sustainability and CSR

Having responsible, ethical and transparent businesses is no longer an option, it is the only way to do business with a long-term vision.

Surveys show that customers, talent, communities, investors and media prefer to engage with companies that incorporate sustainability as a pillar of their business. That’s why we work to ensure that our clients’ business strategy includes ESG criteria and promotes balance between social, economic, and environmental aspects that are relevant to the business.

At KOMUNIKA, we know that today’s consumers are responsible and make purchasing decisions based on the impact that brands and their products have. People are willing to pay more for products or services that contribute to creating social value and are derived from ethical and transparent management.

That’s why we support our clients in their transformation process towards a sustainable business model that generates social value, environmental mitigation and regeneration, through a corporate governance that ensures that the company contributes to the creation of more inclusive, just and resilient societies.

We are a B Corp certified, which confirms our commitment to triple impact and that our advice will always be based on values and focused on making our clients solid companies with a social license to operate, that build trust relationships with their audiences, backed by their talent, with high levels of innovation and a purpose that guides them.

Our services are based on international standards, guidelines and frameworks such as: Global Compact, 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, GRI, SASB, Green Taxonomy, Social Taxonomy, Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism Initiative of Davos WEF, ISO-26000, ESG Criteria in the analysis of European societies, Corporate Governance Principles of the OECD and G20, among others.

Products and Services:

  • Creation, review and strengthening of Sustainability Strategy
  • Alignment of Strategy to international standards
  • Evaluation of business management based on ESG criteria
  • Development and implementation of programs
  • Definition and implementation of system to measure strategy results
  • Alignment of global strategies for implementation in countries
  • Development and socialization of Corporate Governance policies
  • Materiality analysis
  • Identification and selection of strategic alliances
  • Creation and management of corporate volunteering
  • Inclusive talent management
  • Preparation of sustainability reports according to international standards
  • Socialization of sustainability report and dialogue with stakeholders
  • Awareness-raising sessions and training.

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