KOMUNIKA Latam and Performly: a 3.0 partnership

KOMUNIKA Latam and Performly: a 3.0 partnership

Digital and sustainable transformation processes are key in defining a company’s future, and managing its communication will determine results in such a constantly changing market like Latin America.

That’s why Performly, the digital marketing agency of the Endavant Group, and the strategic consulting firm KOMUNIKA Latam, are joining forces to offer comprehensive advice to companies in the region looking to accelerate their conversion processes and safeguard their reputation as levers for long-term growth.

A unique value proposition

This partnership allows companies to:

  • Obtain personalized solutions focused on performance metrics.
  • Focus on relevant elements to maximize conversion.
  • Build a differentiated and solid positioning.

According to the Business Consulting Group, only 30% of companies have successful digital transformation processes, which is key to developing communication and risk management strategies in Latin America today.

Oscar Álvarez, President of Performly, comments that “this partnership is for companies that want to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in changing and uncertain environments. It’s an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation with comprehensive advice that combines data analysis with trusted relationship management and reputation building”.

Achieving differentiation

“The combination of technology and communication is essential for success in the business environment. This partnership responds to KOMUNIKA Latam’s expansion vision, and we are excited to join our skills and experiences to provide innovative solutions to companies in Latin America”, said Juan Carlos Roldán, partner at KOMUNIKA Latam.

According to Edelman’s Latinobarometer 2023, amidst a global crisis of trust, the biggest challenge for companies is to assume their responsibility in managing businesses under ESG criteria, which generate economic, social, and environmental value.

Regarding this challenge, Paulina Rodriguez, partner at KOMUNIKA Latam, comments “through automation and artificial intelligence, companies can deeply understand their customers and design sustainable business strategies that allow them to attend to their stakeholders, manage their risks, and reach their maximum potential”.

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