Ileana Pineda and Juan Toro join as Senior Advisors in Komunika Latam

Ileana Pineda and Juan Toro join as Senior Advisors in Komunika Latam, strengthening the regional vision and expertise of the firm. 

Strategy, transformation, and purpose are key in KOMUNIKA Latam’s work and relationships to contribute to builing a sustainable society. The commitment to adding value to our clients drives us to be in constant evolution, leading us to celebrate the integration of Ileana Pineda and Juan Toro as Senior Advisors, strenthening our business proposition. 

“KOMUNIKA LATAM, Senior Advisors are experts from various sectors, who enhance our value proposition thanks to their vision, experience, and knowledge. The incorporataion of Ileana and Juan as senior advisors brings an innovative and crucial perspective to the major challenges companies face in the region,” highlighted Juan Carlos Roldán, partner of the firm. 

With these additions, in times of constant social and political changes, KOMUNIKA consolidates its strengths to have accurate information and precise data that allows more effective  recommendations and advisory in crisis management, public affairs, and social impact programs. In addition, we can provide brands with insight into the social environment and identify how to align with values, beliefs, and perceptions that shape behavioral trends in the region. 

Ileana Pineda has contributed, for over 20 years working in various Latin American countries, to building and strengthening the reputation of multinational companies in different sectors of the economy through the design, implementation, and measurement of sustainability strategies, with special experience in risk management and the integration of material business issues; development of digital education programs as a lever for inclusion and diversity; analysis and management of environmental impact; and the insertion of international standards within objectives that propose business models aiming for long-term growth. 

Toro, on the other hand, has a successful experience in using social and political data to seize opportunities and neutralize risks for companies in the region. His constant study of countries, academic background, and network of work allow him to have methodologies and skills to help companies use social and political information as a tool to achieve business objectives. 

“We are proud to welcome friends and professionals to #TeamKomunika, who with their solid experience, shared values, and strategic perspective, bring specialized knowledge about the various economic sectors and a deep understanding of the regional dynamics to amplify our impact and contributions to our clients to build a sustainable society,” affirms Paulina Rodríguez, partner of KOMUNIKA Latam. 

KOMUNIKA Latam is a strategic consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in Latin America, composed of a hub of consultants who, with their extensive experience and knowledge in each of the different business units, integrate into their clients’ teams to achieve exceptional results. It has a multi-sectorial and multicultural team that, as a certified B Corporation, seeks to support its clients in generating value for a sustainable society through triple impact solutions: social, environmental, and economic. 

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