Digital services

Always with innovation ahead, we offer our customers a comprehensive strategy, communication, and digital monitoring service to support brands and companies to enhance their speech in the different online channels. In KOMUNIKA we have a trained team in inbound marketing methodology and content marketing best practices, certified by the Hubspot Academy. They are also trained in positioning techniques and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), certified by the SEMRush Academy, and specialized in the management of planning and monitoring tools such as Gain and Mediatoolkit, among others. The digital team offers cross-cutting support to all the business focuses of the organization as a hub of effective and creative solutions.

Products and Services:

  • Diagnosis and audit: digital state of the brand (maturity) and analysis of speech between channels.
  • Strategy: action plan for digital channels.
  • Monitoring and measurement: active listening, reporting, analysis, and trends monitoring.
  • Social media management: management of digital channels.
  • Content: digital content generation, email marketing (content), websites (only under strategy), SEO content optimization, design for digital pieces, animation for digital pieces.
  • Digital media: management of guideline campaigns, reporting of pattern campaigns, optimization of guideline campaigns.
  • Digital PR.

Are you a company and do you need a digital service?