Business Continuity

The sudden materialization of disruptive and unexpected risks may require a quick and urgent reaction, as they can affect the lives, reputation, the environment or the value-creating activities of our clients. At KOMUNIKA we support our clients to consolidate a business continuity strategy that ensures that the lives of all audiences are safe, safeguarding the company’s reputation and continuing to deliver products and services, while working to return the business to its natural state, as soon as possible. The KOMUNIKA BC is based on the international best practices of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and complies with the ISO 22300: 2018 business continuity management systems.

Products and Services:

  • Structuring and training of operational continuity teams
  • Identification of critical processes
  • Protocol development
  • Low or high intensity drills
  • Remote administration (outsourcing) of the operational continuity system
  • On-site support against events with operational disruption
  • Specialized products for operational continuity (Business Impact Analysis)
  • Automation of alerts and monitoring (APP and web based system)
  • Performance audit of operational continuity systems in operation

Are you a company and do you need a business continuity service?